About us

Availand. The best option

From Availand we are aware of the existing competition in the world of childcare and child safety, so we list below the fundamental pillars of our brand, which make us stand out from the rest being the best option.


We work in order to offer top quality products that guarantee the safety of children and of those who watch over them.

We take care of your baby
Satisfaction guaranteed

All our products meet the highest quality standards in the market. Likewise, rigorous safety controls are carried out, and they verify that both the design and the manufacture of our products guarantee a quality mark.


We are constantly looking for new products and improvements to facilitate the care and upbringing of the babies in the house.

New times, new ideas
Pursuing Excellence

We seek to satisfy the needs and desires of our customers. The experience acquired, along with the enthusiasm for the continuous improvement of our brand, help to provide the quality of life of both parents and children during the upbringing stage. Because of this, we apply the latest technologies on our products. Our goal is to make easier the day-to-day of families.


Our company has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, specialized in the childcare sector, always willing to help you.


We offer customized attention to our customers with a familiar and professional treatment. The closeness with our customers and the offering of a quality service is the most important thing for our team. In addition, we have our own technical service to guarantee post-sale quality attention. In Availand, we work day-to-day in order to gain the loyalty of our customers.


Availand is a Spanish company that sells products of its own brand, dedicated to the childcare and child safety sector.

Our history, our brand
Young and entrepreneurial company

Our company is a young organization that has a dynamic team and aims at the new generations. It is born with the goal of giving all the necessary safety for baby care, offering creativity, design and the acquired experience throughout the years.

Our values

Contribute to well-being, quality and safety of the families, giving them maximum quality products for the early childhood of the children, and offering attention and quality service that are able to give value to our brand, but as well to society.


Availand puts in place communication as a fundamental value and attempts for the relationships between customer and in-team to portray proximity and trust.


We strive to find solutions that accommodate to you, thanks to the desire to excel, the audacity and the passion we put into all our projects.


We try to make a difference in regard to our competitors. We achieve this thanks to the passion we have for our work, acting in a disciplined, fast and efficient way.


We seek excellence in our products and services. We face changes in an agile and flexible way, in order to achieve fast and efficient solutions that meet new needs.


We collaborate with several social entities to contribute our bit to help the most disadvantaged people in our society. We try to contribute to a better future.


We seek the integration of each member of the company, thus achieving better results thanks to a pleasant work environment. We have a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team.


Our management team

Availand has a professional, young and interdisciplinary team. The entire management team is endowed with extensive knowledge in the childcare field.

Luis Pedro
General Management

Consolidated professional career in the online commerce sector. Responsible for the management and direction of Availand. Coordinates the different departments, helping an optimal operation for the company.

Carolina Concari
Export and international trade

With extensive training in languages such as French, English and Italian, she deals with all e-commerce management at the international level, carrying out all the procedures and relationship with clients.

María Manglano
Chief Commercial

Bachelor in Business Administration and Management with long experience in the marketing department of the childcare sector. Responsible for customer service and sales strategy.

Chelo Ferrando
Art Direction

Trained in industrial design and with extensive experience in graphic design and marketing departments, handles all the graphic and corporate image of the company both offline and online.

Miren Aldecoa
Project Management

Multidisciplinary engineer in charge of project management at Availand. Long professional career in the search for new products, new designs and innovative products that meet quality requirements.

Antonio Arriarán
IT Department

Computer Engineer specialized in the creation of Web pages and their maintenance and management. He is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, executing and supervising IT services.

Joaquín Aragonés
Marketing Department

Responsible for the marketing department, is responsible for the creation and launch of advertising campaigns as well as dealing with different media.

Amaia Prieto
Legal department and human resources

Legal department and human resources.
Degree in International Law. Her main functions are to supervise personnel and promote integration and quality human relations among staff. It also offers juridical - legal advice.