Babies born in March

Last week we started the month of March and, from now on and during the next twelve months, we will tell you about curiosities of those born in each month. So, there we go and we begin with the month in which we will leave winter behind to make way for spring.

Has your baby been born or will he be born in the month of March? March marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. In addition, Easter sometimes falls in March as well, so throughout life your life, your child will be able to celebrate his birthday, Easter and the beginning of spring in a short space of time. These special days make March a month of renewal, rebirth and new life, making it a very appropriate month for births.

March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. In ancient Rome, March was not only the beginning of spring, but also the beginning of many military campaigns. As such, March is not only a beginning in terms of aspects of nature, but traditionally means the beginning of great human efforts. As a curiosity, we will tell you that Britain, Russia and other countries traditionally started their old calendars in March, not in January. In addition, New Year’s celebrations are still celebrated around the world in March in many cultures. Definitely, this is an ideal time for the beginning of a new life and, if we had to choose a month to be born, why not choose March?

Although for some this only supposes a position of the earth with respect to the sun, we are going to enumerate the characteristics that we can find in the people born in these dates:

  • They are very observant:
    They have a sixth sense to detect the lies and that allows them to act accordingly. They are tremendously quick in diagnosing people and analyzing their intentions, for which they offer their trust only to the people they love.
  • They are usually quite calm and are good philosophers.
    When someone is born in March, normally, they tend to prefer calmness and avoid situations of conflict. They get away from them, as well as from the noisy people. Their position allows them to act correctly, and therefore they look for people who ask for their advice and their services. This means that they generally end up being successful in social sectors, such as politics or management.
    Also, when you have time to think and develop your ideas, they usually have a very high success rate. The thoughts of people born in March tend to speak from calm and after thinking a lot about what they are going to say. They tend to be wise, calm and effective in equal parts, so that, finally, they end up gaining the reputation of successful counselors.
  • They are very positive:
    They have a lot of confidence in themselves, and this makes them tremendously positive. They show their best smile even in the most adverse situations, so they will always share happiness with everyone around them. They favor the appearance of all kinds of opportunities, since they never tend to give up. Moreover, his perseverance is born from that desire to find the good side of things, assuming a breakthrough when facing a bad situation.
  • They are inclined towards creativity:
    Those born in March are tremendously creative people. It is very common to develop activities such as fine arts, decoration or design. Their wit accompanies them throughout their lives and they tend to flood everything around them with their talent. This is a personal reward that drives them to continue with the projects addressed, in which they always leave their stamp.
  • They have talent for music:
    His creativity has a special influence in the field of music. His special sensibility finds its way through an instrument or with his own voices. If they fail to develop their skills, they can always be good critics with a personal identity mark.
  • They adapt very well to any situation:
    Whatever the situation in which they are born, they will always know how to take advantage of their resources. They tend to move heaven and earth to achieve their objectives, however adverse the circumstances may be. A March will know what to do in each moment to achieve the greatest success, because doing so will promote its own positivism. If a person born this month tells you something can be done, take it for granted 🙂
  • They are very persevering:
    People born in March do not usually give up. They usually put all the meat in the spit when something motivates them. There is nothing better to seek their participation than to challenge them to do something. Winning will not be an option for them, it will be the goal they pursue until the end.

As you can see, they are all excellent features and I am sure that more than one @ would like your baby to be born in March. Besides … What better example for an intelligent March than Albert Einstein? 🙂