Committed to social causes

From Availand, we wanted to be in solidarity with the most disadvantaged and for that reason, we collaborate with different associations to contribute our bit.
With the occasion of the Christmas holidays, we have donated products of our brand to help families with limited resources and to enjoy comforts during the upbringing of their children.

Our last help has been destined to “Messengers of Peace”. This Association was founded in Asturias in 1962 by Father Ángel García Rodríguez. They work on trying to help the most disadvantaged society (the elderly, children, women, immigrants). All of its work is focused on improving the social conditions of the most vulnerable social sectors. It is an NGO that works in Spain and in many other countries. In addition, it carries out stable cooperation programs focused on medium and long-term achievements, and also meets demands for urgent humanitarian aid from countries that have suffered natural disasters or are experiencing moments of special difficulty.

The care of vulnerable children was the origin of Messengers of Peace, and it continues to be one of the main activities in Spain and in other countries. Therefore, through different centers and resources, this foundation tries to support children by offering them personal training and development and promoting their full social integration.
“Messengers of Peace”, offers its aid to children from different centers and projects.

Some of them are:

– Functional homes: they are installed in middle-class housing, they are mixed and there is no discrimination between the 5 or 8 members that form it. They live together with some educators, who are responsible for the home. The children who live in these types of homes are due to reasons of orphanage, abandonment, unstructured families, unaccompanied immigration, or other reasons of a personal or social nature for which their parents or close relatives cannot or do not want to exercise their guardianship, temporarily or indefinitely.

– Therapeutic Homes for children with HIV + / AIDS, or serious illnesses and/or disabilities: the purpose of these homes is to achieve full integration into society of children affected by serious diseases or disabilities, and help them through medical, emotional care and social as much to the children as to the relatives. They are children from families and groups in social difficulty.

We hope that our donation has cheered the families that have received our products and facilitate the upbringing stage.

Thanks to Messengers of Peace for their work.