Develop its senses

Besides your mother, you are her playmate, especially during her first months. Every game you teach and share with him will be a test of skill that will be worth learning. We propose activities to develop the five senses.


From 0 months

They say that babies of only four days can already distinguish one language from another and then they begin to show interest in sounds and words. Record your babbling and the different noises that you make, reproduce them and watch how they react. Then try all kinds of sounds, of nature, of the house, of the street …

From 9 months

Inflate a balloon in which you have previously put some bells. Attach a loop to the knot so you can catch it better and throw it on. When I pick it up, it will continue waving happily to hear how the rattles sound.

From 12 months

Fill several half-liter plastic bottles (empty) with different grains and seeds. One with rice, another with lentils, another with chickpeas, another with sugar, etc. Close them well; You already have great maracas for your baby. The different sounds that the beans emit will develop their sense of hearing. You will see how it catches your attention!


From 6 to 12 months

Place your baby in the high chair and offer him a washed red apple. Let him explore while he takes it, puts it in his mouth, sucks it … Repeat the operation with a green apple and then a yellow one. Then present it in pieces and name each color while savoring it. You will discover the different flavors that the same fruit can have, depending on its color.

Try also … with pieces of banana, carrot, apricot. Let him explore every fruit and vegetable!

From 2 to 4 years

Put a sample of several dishes that your child likes (flan, cheese, lemon juice, ham, chocolate, etc.). Sell your eyes and offer a spoonful of one of the dishes. You will have to say if it is sweet, salty, bitter, acid, spicy … It will help you learn to associate a name and an adjective to each sensation.

From 4 to 6 years

Place several glasses on a table. Fill them with different liquids (orange juice, strawberry milkshake, milk, chocolate, water, lemon soda …) and add to each one a few drops of different food coloring, so that the liquid has a different color to the original. The child will have to taste each drink, describe what it tastes and finally find out what liquid it is. This will prove that the view can deceive you and therefore trust you more in your nose and your taste. It will also be useful to develop your vocabulary and learn to define the sensations.


From 3 months

Touch is one of the most developed senses at the moment of birth. Through it, the baby begins to receive stimuli and information that allow him to interact with the outside world. At the time of bathing, wring the sponge over your head, so that drops fall on it. Then, when drying, he directs the air of the hair dryer on his body, at a comfortable temperature and power. You will learn to distinguish new sensations while developing touch.

From 1 year

Use different papers (pinocchio paper, cellophane, bubble, aluminum, silk …) and offer them. Your little artist will create and invent a multitude of activities with the papers. You will be attracted to the different sounds that produce their textures and consistencies.

Place your baby on a towel. Grab a funnel and fill it with breadcrumbs and let it fall on your skin, so that it tickles all over your body. The baby will love the way the bread falls and will try to catch it.

From 2 years

In a box or opaque bag several objects or toys that the child knows, with different shapes or textures. The game consists of putting your hand and by touch try to guess what each object is about. If several children play, the one who gets the most hits wins. If only your child plays, write down your successes. In addition to promoting the sense of touch, this activity will serve to develop memory and reasoning.


From 0 to 6 months

Undress your baby and lie on your back. Apply massage oils with aromas and massage gently. First by the trunk, then by the little arms, the legs … The baby will associate the smell with a sense of physical well-being. This sensation will predispose you to discover other aromas.

From 2 years

Place several objects with characteristic scents (your perfume, a regular cream, dad’s aftershave, gel, your cologne, flowers, freshly cut grass …). Cover her eyes and let her smell it. The game consists of guessing what it is about and what it reminds you of. He will learn to recognize the different aromas and to work on his olfactory memory by developing a mental image.


From 0 months

Babies love to watch everything that moves. It will be incredibly fun just to watch a lava spin