vacation with baby

First vacation with your baby

We are already fully involved in the summer and many of you still have time ahead to enjoy the holidays. In addition, if we are now one more in the family, a lot of organization is necessary to successfully overcome the first vacations with our baby. He/she is so small that before leaving, many doubts can arise such as the clothes that I must take, whether I should choose a beach or a mountain, etc.

Tips for a good summer with your baby

First of all, we will say that any destination is good for traveling with the baby, as long as you are prepared for possible setbacks that may arise. For now, it is convenient to avoid exotic places that require mandatory vaccines, and at the time of choosing between one place or another, we will say that the mountain climate in summer is usually very advisable for children under four months because the sea breeze and heat increase the risk of dehydration. This does not mean that we can not enjoy them on the beach. You just have to protect them from the sun with cool clothes, give them special sunscreen, put a hat on them or keep protected in the shade of a lounger. Also, if they have less than six months, it is not recommended to put them in the sea because the combination of sun and salt can burn their skin, or in the pool due to chlorine that is still harmful to the skin and eyes. We will have to wait at least until four months, when their immune system ends.

Regarding the means of transport suitable for babies, we highlight the car, as this will allow us to stop when we want and take with us everything we think the child may need. The bus is among the least recommended, since the trips tend to be very long because we can not move or stop when we want to take a break. In any case, it is always convenient to carry a handbag with the most basic things you may need such as diapers, pacifiers, etc.

When it’s time to pack, it is most likely that we are tempted to take the house with us, or at least their entire room 🙂
You have to take only what you need, choosing especially long-sleeved clothing but fresh materials, such as cotton. Also, to save space and avoid taking too much clothes, you can take a travel detergent to wash by hand what they use.

If we talk about the routines of the baby, we will always try to maintain their habits in terms of meals, sleep, bath, etc. Do not forget that they are very small and are used to schedules that we must maintain to provide greater security and adaptability to the place of vacation. If we also carry some of their toys as rattles and stuffed animals, it will help them to sleep and to relax.

It is very important to always prepare a kit in which we will include basic elements such as hydrogen peroxide, plasters, cotton, antipyretics, thermometer, etc. since they can be very useful when we detect that something can happen to the child.

All these recommendations are part of the common sense that parents develop, although it’s fine to review them a little bit before starting a trip with the baby. In addition, it will be great to carry a baby carrier to use in certain activities because it will be more comfortable to take the baby. And if you have a baby monitor, it will help you to rest better and enjoy the summer naps knowing that you have your baby on screen whenever you want.

Last but not least … Do not forget the camera! You have to save all those moments that you live in your first summer together. It is a great way to remember those special moments that you will also carry in your memory forever.