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From the cradle to the bed

All parents ask about the moment when they should move their babies from the cradle to the bed. And although many may think that it is an easy task, sometimes it becomes a real challenge. Then we tell you what is the most effective way to face this moment.

What age is considered the most appropriate?

The perfect moment to initiate the change from the cradle to the bed is when the baby is 2 years old. Obviously, each parent will act depending on their experience or on the facilities they see with their babies. However, at the age of 2, he/she has grown enough not be so comfortable in the crib, and especially to face dangerous moments in which they try to get out of it.

The ideal situation, in addition, is to match this moment with a quiet or relaxed time in which there are no changes. For example, the arrival of a new sibling can confuse the baby and increase his jealousy by believing that they are displacing him from the place where he has always slept, precisely because of the arrival of the new member in the family.

Tips for moving from the cradle to the bed

If the baby has sisters or brothers, it is normal that when this time comes, it’s easier for them because they tend to imitate the elderly and feel encouraged to adapt to that change without caring too much. Otherwise, other babies are restless and reluctant to leave their crib, which is the place where he has always slept, and in which they feel safe.

To help them overcome this new stage, we can put into practice the following points:

  1. It is important that before getting out of the crib, they get used to sleep in their future room. Therefore, we can move the crib to another room (if you still had it in yours) to get used to sleep alone and then be able to pass it to bed without any inconvenience.
  2. If they are used to sleeping with a doll, let them continue to sleep with it so that the change is not so abrupt and they feel more secure.
  3. At first, and until they have become accustomed to your bed, you should not let him/her sleep sporadically in places like the sofa or your bed. Otherwise, they may become disoriented and want to return to the place where they fell asleep.
  4. It is advisable to go slowly and begin with the change little by little, trying to sleep naps in their new beds until they feel it as a place where they can also be sure and spend a whole night.
  5. Explain why they should sleep in their bed. It may seem that they will not understand us, but the psychology of children is surprising and they are sometimes able to understand simple explanations. An argument such as that he/she has grown older and should already sleep in a big bed like his parents, may be enough to carry out the change naturally.
  6. An activity that may be important for them is sharing the time to choose the bed or the sheets. If they get involved and feel comfortable with them by the drawings or colors, the whole process will be faster and easier and they will sleep more calmly.
  7. And above all, one of the most important things is the patience of the parents in a situation like this.

How to choose the bed?

This is a fundamental part of the whole process of changing from the cradle to the bed. Your choice is very important, since both the bed and the mattress should adapt perfectly to the size of the child. In addition, it is also convenient that, at least initially, the bed has a handrail on the side or sides that are not attached to the wall to prevent the children from falling, as they will tend to stand up as they did in the cradle, with the consequent danger that they fall to the ground when having no security.

As we say, we must think about the size of the child, and avoid that the bed is too high to make it difficult to get up to it. In addition, we can make it easier for them if you choose a firm mattress so that they are better supported and can comfortably go up and down.