availand día de la madre

Happy mother’s day!

Mother, there is only one. Therefore, to celebrate Mother’s Day every year is to make happy the most special person that can exist in the lives of all of us.
Just as our children grow us moms also evolve with them, from the “sweet wait” to the day when the little ones are not so little anymore and become adults. Mothers also have their own needs, just like babies, so for this day dedicated especially to them, we offer you here several tips to take care of them as they deserve and as they need it according to the phases of their motherhood.

If we talk about the stages a mother lives through, we can name four major ones that are happening as the babies grow: the sweet wait, the neo-mother, the educator-mother and the mother with adolescent children about to become older.

Of course, just like every baby, every mom is different, so these phases are only a general way of describing the feelings of each stage, maybe there are moms who do not go through all of them, or who lengthen one stage more than another or that live different phases.

The “sweet-wait”

A mother who is not yet a mother experiences a wonderful process of change, both in her body and in her interior. She dreams a lot about how her baby will be or if they will be well, she thinks about how much she will take care of them and how happy they will be when they are together.
In this phase, it is usual to imagine a lot. Imagine how far the little one will grow, what color the baby’s eyes will have, what name we can give them, even if we want to know the sex of the baby or not …

It is the wait of a dreamy mother, a mother before becoming such…

So, in this phase, both the family and the couple should not forget to treat her as a woman and not only as a future mother. Encourage her to continue making her life as it was before becoming pregnant and to continue cultivating her hobbies and interests. Of course, the baby will be the most important thing for her, but in addition to being a mother, she will always remain a woman.

In these months, it is also nice to prepare our house very calmly and lovingly for the arrival of the baby. To go choosing little by little the crib, the car, and other accessories and clothes. Of course, without haste or hurry. It is also very interesting to share conversations with grandmothers and aunts to ask for first-time advice and also to read books that relax the mind and help us to better understand the changes that our body will experience.

The “neo -mother”

And finally, our little one arrives. We embrace them, we kiss them and we realize that we are absolutely in love with our baby. Now the woman is a woman and also a mother.
In this phase, it is normal that we feel a “roller coaster” of emotions: excessive love, fear of not knowing how to do things well, insecurity about what decisions to make, and a lot of sleepiness that aggravates everything by not resting well.

In this phase, neo-moms have the need to feel loved and supported, both by their partners and by family and friends. When they feel relaxed, they can let their instincts emerge, which never makes mistakes, and live more calmly the situations that until that moment in life they had never had to face.
So for this neo-mom, the best gift is to be by her side. You can also be offered help for tasks that take a lot of time and that you need to keep doing once the baby is at home: such as cleaning the house, shopping, etc.

As icing for the mothers in this phase is, again, to find moments for herself. For example, a romantic dinner between the couple when the baby has already fallen asleep or having an afternoon of fun with friends while the grandmother takes care of the baby for a few hours. Getting used to being the same as always but at the same being a mother is not easy and requires time and adaptation.

The “educator-mother”

Our baby has grown and already knows how to walk, talk and goes to school … so they have different needs. They begin to understand that their behavior can affect how their mother feels, and they love talking with her to tell her all of their fantasies, their fears and ask a thousand questions a day.
This is where the hard task of educating our children begins: on the one hand we would love to spoil them without stopping, but on the other we have to be firm, scold them when they do things wrong and explain the world around them.

The perfect gifts for moms in this phase are small gestures that demonstrate what they mean for us: to value their daily effort and their work as educators, recognize everything they do for their family and encourage them to be strong and be patient to the little day-to-day dramas: a surprise party for Mother’s Day, or bringing them breakfast to bed …
The “teenager’s mother”

In this phase, many mothers desperately try to understand their children, and above all, they try to be with them in that last step until adulthood.
Adolescence is a difficult time in many aspects, and it is a hard time for mothers but also for children, who experience many changes in a short time without being prepared for them.

The best gift for the mothers of teenagers is to know that the love that their children profess for her will remain unconditional throughout their lives, just like when they were babies who fell asleep in their arms. In this sense, it is great to give her time to share with her, make her feel an important part of a life full of friends and other interests. Going out with her to the movies, to take a walk, ask her how her day has gone, and to always keep a little bit of time to share together will be the perfect gift for the mother of a teenager.

To all of them… Happy Mother’s Day!