Innovative technologies in 2017

From our brand, we always seek to offer the best products and the best service to our customers. Therefore, we are constantly searching for new products, new technologies, and innovative ideas to offer the latest models. All this is due to wanting to offer an excellent product to our customers.

All these results are achieved thanks to having a young work team, committed to the latest technologies. The Availand team works to offer the best results and facilitate the growing stage of the children to our customers.

In what follows, we expose some of our innovative technologies that facilitate the care and safety of children.

Our flagship product, the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor, incorporates the latest innovation in the field of child safety: the Auto-Follow technology. Thanks to its motorized camera with a motion sensor, the camera continuously focuses on the baby. Every movement they make can be monitored in the parent unit. It is the latest innovation in the market.

Another of our novelties is also offered by our Availand Follow Baby baby monitor. This can be expanded up to 4 cameras and as a novelty offers the Auto-Scan technology. It is an innovative system that allows you to view every 8 seconds each of the cameras that we have set up. This new feature allows us to keep up to 4 stays in a comfortable and safe way.

These technologies allow our baby monitor to differentiate itself from other brands, both in terms of innovation, quality and price. The Availand Follow Baby offers the benefits of a high-end baby monitor at a very affordable price for families. It is characterized by having had a great reception from parents, as it is one of the best baby monitors at the present according to different rankings.

Other features that make this baby monitor stand out from the rest of the brands are:

  • 3.5 “LCD wireless screen with long-term autonomy
  • Ease of movement throughout the house and surroundings
  • Two-way communication: parents can talk with their baby through the screen
  • Voice and temperature sensor
  • Digital zoom function
  • Timer function to feed the baby
  • Night vision
  • 3 relaxing melodies to calm the baby