Availand Nature Smart3 Breast Pump

The Availand Nature Smart3 breast pump has been developed with unique details in mind, making it one of the best products on the market. Its design adapts to the style or needs of today’s mothers and has been conceived to improve lactation.
Discover the most innovative technology together with an attractive design, in a product that will become an essential element during this stage of the baby in which the mother can cover her needs for food anytime, anywhere.

SMART3 Technology

This technology is one of the main values of the Availand Nature Smart3 breast pump since the mother will experience a sensation very similar to that produced by the suction of the baby in a natural and real way, reproducing the movements that babies make to absorb milk of their mothers.

breast pump

LED touchscreen

The motorized unit of the breast pump has tactile control with a high visibility LED display, which will allow us to monitor milk extraction in real time. In it are located the On / Off buttons, the suction power controls, and the battery level of the unit, making it very useful for users.

breast pump

Innovative Design

The Availand Nature Smart3 breast pump continues with the design line characteristic of Availand products. Organic forms that adapt perfectly to the breast of the mother and visually attractive elements are the protagonists in a product that stands out for its innovation both functionally and aesthetically.

breast pump

BPA-free material

Breast milk is very valuable to the baby, and its extraction and storage are fundamental to your health. Therefore, the breast pump material has been developed free of BPA (Bisphenol-A), since in this way we avoid that the mother can pass that chemical component to her children during the lactation stage.

breast pump

Nine levels of massage extraction

The mode of stimulation is adjustable, since it has 9 levels of extraction with constant speed, making a comfortable massage during the aspiration of the milk, and favoring its flow out. In addition, the design has been designed to separate the air from the liquid, blocking the return flow of the latter.

breast pump

Two sizes for bottle adapter

One of the most common needs of mothers is to be able to use the breast pump with different bottles. For this reason, two different sizes of adapters for the bottles are included, so that they will be compatible with both standard screw rings and with large screw rings.

breast pump

Ergonomic elements

The structure of the Availand Nature Smart3 breast pump has been designed to improve the experience of mothers during the extraction phase. Through the perfect adaptation of its elements to the shapes of the chest and thanks to its ergonomic and extra-soft silicone cup, we achieve the maximum level of comfort for them.

breast pump

Lithium battery

The Availand Nature Smart 3 breast pump can work when it is connected to the electric current and also through its lithium battery. The breast pump has an autonomy of 3 hours, and we can check its level at all times thanks to the screen of the motorized unit.

breast pump

Audio signal

All the controls of the Availand Nature Smart 3 breast pump, are located in the motorized unit, and each time we press one of them, it emits a sound that confirms that the desired function will be performed. Also, if the breast pump is running on the lithium battery and it starts to run out, a beep will warn us and the pump will shut off in 30 seconds.

breast pump

Session timer

Pressing the ON / OFF button to turn on the breast pump activates a 30-minute timer. After this period it will turn off staying in STANDBY mode. If we turn off the breast pump during the extraction, the timer is automatically set to 00 minutes. But if we press the ON button again, it will be reactivated and will be activated from the minute we left it, thus continuing its 30-minute countdown.

breast pump
INPUT POWER 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
STIMULATION POWER -0.002-0.018Mpa (max) 9 levels
PRESSURE POWER -0.013-0.036 Mpa (max) 9 levels
TIMER 30 min.
SOUND <60dB(A)
ELECTRICITY AC adapter class 2, Class 3 system
  • Availand Nature Smart3 Breast Pump
  • BPA-free supplement kit
  • 1 charger
  • Motorized unit with lithium battery
  • Instruction manual (2 languages)

Smart 3 Technology. Simulates the real extraction of the baby in 3 phases.