Availand Artic Smart 3 Cooler Bag

The Availand Artic Smart3 cooler bag has been conceived as the ideal complement to the Nature Smart3 breast pump. It is intended to contain baby bottles with baby food and keep them refrigerated for up to 8 hours. Within this time, we get enough time to carry out the necessary intakes while preserving the breast milk in perfect conditions. In addition, its practical and simple design makes it a perfect complement that mothers can comfortably carry on their daily commutes. Its coating is PVC, and the material in which it is made is waterproof, leak-proof and easy to clean.

Thermal material cool system

Cool System is a cold retention system through which the Availand Artic Smart3 bag has been manufactured. This system is based on a tri-layer structure, which ensures waterproofness and cold retention for up to 8 hours, and during which the baby's food will be kept in optimal conditions to make the corresponding intakes.

cooler bag

Two 180 ml bottles

Along with the Availand Artic Smart3 bag, we will find 2 baby bottles with their corresponding caps, and with a capacity of up to 180 ml. Its ergonomic shape allows greater and more comfortable and secure support, and are graduated so that we can get a reading or measurement of the amount of milk desired for each intake.

cooler bag

4 cooling pads

The objective of the bag is to have the babies' shots ready so that their mothers can reconcile the breastfeeding season with work or daily commuting. For this reason, a pack of coolant sachets is included next to the bag, which must be placed in the freezer for at least one hour, and then they will take care of keeping the milk at the right temperature and the bottles protected from possible blows.

cooler bag

BPA-free material

Breast milk is very valuable for the baby, and therefore its storage is essential for your health. Therefore, both the bottle material and that of the plugs have been developed free of BPA (Bisphenol-A). By eliminating this material, we avoid that chemical component can pass to the baby during the use stage, and we improve product properties such as safety, resistance, duration, lightness.

cooler bag

Compact design

We have taken special care in the Availand Artic Smart3 bag, that has been designed following practicality and simplicity above all parameters. Its purpose is to keep the milk at a suitable temperature for the babies' intakes but without renouncing to an attractive design for today's mothers.

cooler bag

Short handle and banderole strap

In the design of the product has been taken into account the ergonomic factor, and therefore a handle has been fixed on the top of the bag, in addition to including an adjustable handle to be used as a shoulder strap and make it more practical for travel.

cooler bag
Bag Thermal material cool system
Feeding Bottles 180 ml.
Feeding Bottles Material BPA Free
Shoulder strap Leatherette and metal
  • Availand Artic Smart3 thermal bag
  • 2 180 ml. bottles
  • 2 covers for feeding bottles
  • 4 cooling pads
  • Adjustable carrying handle