go back to work after having a baby

Return to work after maternity leave or vacation

Going back to work after being a mother or after spending the first vacation with your baby can bring a shower of emotions. There are people who are willing to resume the activity that makes them feel more than being full-time mothers, and there are also people who, once they leave their baby to return to work, do not stop crying for hours missing it.

All these reactions are normal. Some women who have dedicated all their efforts to build a professional career suddenly realize that they do not want to return to work. And on the contrary to other mothers, the effort to want to join their jobs as soon as possible can worry them and make them feel guilty.

Negative feelings

Guilt: Many times we find that when a woman faces the decision to return to work after maternity leave, in addition to separating from her baby, she must face the still belief that a good mother is the one who takes care of herself at home. their children. And although each mother’s experience is different, the common feeling to all of them is that of guilt. But working outside the home does not make you a worse mother, since it is useless for you to stay at home if it does not fill you up. The baby will be fine when he sees you happy, and also the family will have more income that can be used for their welfare.

Loss of confidence: After several months at home to the exclusive position of the baby you may doubt your ability to adapt to the work environment. Try to return gradually by catching up and chatting with colleagues or approaching the office when the date of incorporation is next. In addition, so that the return is not so hard organize in advance the care of the baby to adjust your new daily routine and have time to devote to your work and your family.

Plan the return

  1. – Get rid of the feeling of guilt, weighing all the options and remembering that what you are doing is the best for you and your family.
  2. – Search with whom to leave the baby. There are several solutions such as family, daycare, babysitter, etc. It will be the best to avoid later worries.
  3. – Talk to your boss about your schedules, functions, etc. It is time to ask about flexibility, the possibility of working from home if possible, or even to make a partial day.
  4. – Consider yourself if you want to continue with exclusive breastfeeding, since this way you will need more work and family planning during this stage. The possibility of a relative bringing the baby to work so that you can breastfeed or you can leave work to do it at home or elsewhere will favor the maintenance of breastfeeding. In other cases, the only possibility of continuing with exclusive breastfeeding will depend on the extraction of milk during the working day, storing it, preserving it and making use of it in the shots where you can not go to breastfeed your child. So, in the shots where you are not with him, the person who cares for him can supply the extracted milk if it has been properly preserved. If we talk about breast pumps, we can tell you about the benefits of our Availand Nature Smart3 with its innovative technology. Thanks to him, the mother improves her breastfeeding experience since it simulates the suction of the baby in a very real way.
  5. – If possible, organize your schedule to share with your baby the time he is awake. You can do it by advancing the entry to work and therefore, the time of departure.
  6. – Your partner and you must take care of the baby at night and if one of the two works part time, distribute the tasks proportionally.
  7. – Have an alternative plan for cases in which your baby is sick and you can not leave with the person in charge of their care.
  8. – Find time for yourself and prepare a good bath when you sleep your son. You can also distract yourself with a good movie or continue with your reading habits. And above all, always tell your son the desire you had to see him when he got home, since he will capture your emotions.

What is the best time to return?

The law establishes clear periods regarding the incorporation to work after maternity leave. However, your feelings and the needs of your baby will determine your return. Think if you are prepared for it, since you also have certain rights such as reduction of working hours or leave.

A trick to make the first week shorter is to incorporate a day close to the weekend 🙂

In short, try to maintain a positive attitude towards the return, whether you think you will break into tears or believe that you will breathe a sigh of relief. The perfect solution does not exist and each mother will have to find the balance in this situation so new for all.