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The arrival of a new little brother

This is a time of great joy for the family, but you have to know how to manage with the one that become the old brother or sister and that has been, until now, the real princes or princesses of their parents. The reason is their new jealousy, and that is part of the emotional process that they will feel with the arrival of the new baby, which can be considered as a rival.

Although these feelings may appear from the beginning, it is normal for them to become more important over time. About 3 or 4 years old, the older brother will tend to demand more attention than he feels you are giving him. At that time they may feel a little abandoned because you do not have the unique and exclusive attention for them you had before.

This situation is complicated for both the child and the parents. Therefore, below we give you some recommendations that will make this period easier.


  • Pay attention whenever you can and make him feel that he is very loved through physical demonstrations such as kisses and hugs. It is also advisable that these situations occur in front of the new baby, so that his brother feels that he continues to occupy the important place that he has always occupied.
  • Do not pay attention to their jealousy or get ungry, and normalize the situation as much as possible. Do not punish him for it because in that case he would feel that he has lost the love of his parents and from now on he may repress his jealousy.
  • Never compare aspects of the two brothers, because the older one can see that there is a certain preference towards the little one. You must encourage the big brother’s autonomy to make him more independent and not need the excessive attention of his parents.
  • Practice positive reinforcement towards him with comments that make him feel safe, loved and valued. We have to show them that our love for him hasn’t changed.
  • When the two brothers are having an argument, you should never participate in their small anger. Intervene only to stop a fight, but never to look for guilty or opt for one of them.
  • Look for situations in which the two brothers interact, have fun, and begin to create a special bond between them.
  • It is advisable to reward or give some privileges to the elder brother precisely because of his condition as firstborn. This will make him feel important and will verify that his parents continue to take him into account in a very special way.

As you can see, the arrival of a new little brother does not have to be a traumatic stage for who, until now, was the little one in the house. Following a few small tips the two brothers will end up becoming allies and will take care of each other forever.