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Why do parents need a baby monitor

Crib, pushchair, car, baby bottles, walkers, games … many of the accessories that our baby uses are absolutely necessary for their development and to be able to meet their needs. However, when considering what we really need and what we do not, we can be leaving aside options that would make it much easier for us to take care of the children simply because we do not know their advantages that well.

This is the case of baby monitors. The market has evolved a lot, and in 2017, the baby monitors we find are high-quality products manufactured with the latest technology, just as it happens with our mobile phones or televisions. They are very far away and those “pots” with small screens in very low definition that transmitted choppy sounds and gave us little to no confidence, not knowing if they were working well and if they retransmitted in real time or not.


  1. Availand Follow Baby baby monitor is a device very easy to manage

It does not require technical facilities, or computer skills or programming. Simply place it and turn it on..

It is manageable and allows us to control our babies while they sleep in another room without the need to install cameras, place cables … simpler? Impossible!.

  1. Several uses in a single product

In addition to traditional use to monitor babies in another room, the Availand baby monitor can be used to monitor people in another room in the house (such as older siblings who are doing homework, older people who are watching the television, pets, or even garage tickets or places in the house that we want to have controlled). All with the maximum image definition and the maximum sound quality. For example, if the adults are having dinner and the children are sleeping in another room, we can be alert if they need something or if they wake up, but at the same time maintain our normal activity without bothering them with the noises of the television or conversations …

  1. Get them to sleep more hours in a row

In many children, it is usual that when they wake up, instead of crying, they try to get out of their bed and go to the adults’ rooms to look for their parents. Thanks to the baby monitor, we can hear those movements and go to sleep again before they wake up completely and it is much more complicated to get them to fall into a peaceful sleep.

In this way, we can avoid possible falls from bed or racing through the corridors of the house at late hours while they come to look for us.

The same happens with nightmares, which are very recurrent in children. If we hear them talking loudly or shouting, we can go immediately to comfort them, so they will not have to leave their room and come to wake us up. Thus, the nightmare will be just that, a bad dream that is soon forgotten, and they can go back to sleep again.

  1. Bidirectional communication

The baby monitor Availand Follow Baby allows you to listen but also to talk so that our baby can hear us. Perhaps with very small babies, this function we use less, since they are developing the auditory system, but with children from one year is very useful and even fun. The little ones feel accompanied at all times, and sometimes, with just a few loving words we will get them to sleep peacefully because they know that we are on the other side of the receiver.

  1. 24 hour-long calmness

It is not necessary to wait until nightfall and the baby to sleep to use a baby monitor. We can place it to monitor it while playing and we are cooking or folding clothes with a difficult viewing angle to see it directly, or while we are working on the computer and the baby is taking a nap in the cart. The tranquility that gives us knowing that we are aware of him, but at the same time knowing that we can do our daily tasks is a huge advantage of the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor.