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Availand is a brand of products for early childhood specializing in the safety and well being of children. We hold a commitment with all parents. Because of that, we seek that our products are ethical, fun and beneficial for the development of the baby because we care about them, but also about the peace of mind of those who watch over them.


We work in order to offer top quality products that guarantee the safety of children and of those who watch over them.


We are constantly looking for new products and improvements to facilitate the care and upbringing of the babies in the house.


Our company has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, specialized in the childcare sector and always willing to help you.


Availand is a Spanish company that sells products of its own brand, dedicated to the childcare and child safety sector.

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Customer Reviews

  • We have found it very useful. It gathers all the features we were looking for. It facilitates to us the process of not having to be physically present in order to look after our child.

    Juan Tomás

    Amazon (verified purchase)
  • At the store, they commented that this product was state of the art in the market. And so it is, it is fantastic.

    Carla Domínguez

  • What we like the most about the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor is the calmness of knowing your child is alright. Because you receive maximum quality in the audio and image signal without interferences. Because you are able to control all functions from the parent unit: baby-sitters, camera, VOX mode, etc. And because its star function “Follow Baby” will enchant you as the camera automatically follows the baby.

    Pablo Domingo.

    Webmaster and CEO of www.vigilabebesya.com
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